A few weeks ago, I posted some Instagram stories (a favourite pastime of mine) all about friendship. Or, more specifically, how to make more friends. Y'see, in real life, I'm an awkward sort of person. I don't know whether that comes across over the...

What would a person who loved themselves do?

I stumbled across this question last week. What would a person who loved themselves do? Because, really, what WOULD a person who loved themselves do? Every time I reach for the Haribo. Every time I skip exercise. Every time I work longer than I want, or...

I don’t know how to start this post

I don't know how to start this post. My daughter's in the background playing with the fridge magnets and making a bloop-bleep noise. I can hear the dishwasher sploshing away in the kitchen. I'm trying desperately not to survey the mess in my office, and failing....

Another blogger, writing another fucking blog, hey?

Well, yeah. That’s basically the size of it.

I’m blogging my way to better health, more confidence, stronger mental resilience and an income through the vehicle of writing, creativity and mildly offensive colloquialisms.

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