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A super-short one from me today.

Do you want to know the main reason that people are leaving your website straight away?

It’s not the site design or the rude popups. It’s not the colours of your brand, not the lack of testimonials nor your prices being too low or too high. It isn’t your photos, nor is it your logo.

Sure, each of these play some part in building trust, and they are important, but only after you nail the primary idea.

Who do you serve and what do you do.

Far too often I am seeing home pages using a few abstract words to hint at the offering. “Accelerate your strategy”?  “Boost and Empower”. Dude, using the word “empower” like this doesn’t make you clever. It makes you sound like you’re writing an about page for a Pharmaceutical company.

Look, I don’t want to hunt for this on your site. I want you to offer this information up freely. Children’s portrait photographer specialising in natural, outdoors shots? How about on the home page, I can see words to this effect?

Capturing your kids smiles where they feel most free: outdoors. Book a complimentary consultation now.

Maybe you’re a small business coach who works on money mindset? Your homepage needs to tell me this in no uncertain terms. Try something like:

Struggling to charge what you’re really worth in your business? Stop measuring your worth based on your competitors’ pricing pages and BE the competition.

I’m no copywriter, but I can tell you that phrases like “Grow and Boost Impact” make dick-all impact because they basically say nothing. Just remember:

Who do you serve and what do you do.

This is the key to keeping people engaged from the get-go. Build the brand, design and content around it.

Like a BAW-USS.

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