A few weeks ago, I posted some Instagram stories (a favourite pastime of mine) all about friendship.

Or, more specifically, how to make more friends.

Y’see, in real life, I’m an awkward sort of person. I don’t know whether that comes across over the interwebs that way. In some ways, I can be more “myself” online without real life getting in the way.

(If I’m honest, that sentence is a bit sad – not boohoo-sad, but live-in-your-mum’s-bungalow-in-a-single-bed-aged-45 sad).

I posted asking how people went about making friends. As a youngster, making friends seems like a breeze; you play with who you want, you don’t play with who you don’t want. Then you become a teenager, and everything just becomes a bit harder. Not completely – at least it wasn’t for me – but there was more you had to consider. Everything moved from being about you, to being about other people and what other people needed and wanted.

Then being an adult.

A totally different story again.