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Ahhhhh. 2016. These new-style script fonts that are everywhere are still bang on trend, *but* there’s a LOT of people out there making some serious visual brand mistakes when it comes to using them. Yep, it’s another ranty FONTERVENTION!Script fonts not to use and alternatives

Firstly, there’s the common-or-garden MAD OVERUSAGE. Sure, it’s great to have a few words pulled out in a flirty font because it gives us something to settle our eyes on and something visually interesting. But a couple of tips here from the outset:

  2. NO SCRIPT FONTS FOR BLOG TITLES OR (worse) BODY TEXT. SERIOUSLY. SCRIPT FONTS SUCK AS BLOG TITLES. Titles NEED to be easy to read, which FYI, script fonts are not traditionally known for.

Your blog is not a motherhumpin’ printed wedding invitation. It’s a website. People need to be able to read your content EASILY. Save the flourishes for accents and the top table, ok?

And now, the main event. What script font crimes are lurking in the world, and what can we do about them? Actually before I go in too far, one thing I *am* recommending is that you stop it with the free script fonts. If you want quality script fonts aplenty, INVEST in them. They’re really not expensive, but you’ll be helping out other small business owners and designers by doing so. Not to mention you can be assured of a certain quality when you buy fonts AND you won’t look like every other person with a blog in the KNOWN WORLD.

1. Scriptina Pro



I admit, in 2010 when I started my own business, I was a bit of a menace with this font. After being trapped in the corporate cage for a while, having the freedom to pick and choose my fonts on a whim went to my head. I was also pregnant, which may or may not have had some bearing on my naive acceptance of awful typefaces (Read: definitely did have some bearing – I also cried to washing detergent adverts and felt new meaning in the classic Guns ‘n’ Roses hit, “Sweet Child of Mine”)

Then not long after I had my baby when I started to notice that every motherfucker and their husband were using it, I also noticed something else. It was shit. How had I not seen this before?! It was like everyone wanted their branding to look like they’d gone to their General Practitioner’s office and asked for an illegible prescription. I mean, it’s pretty hard to read and it doesn’t look classy or stylish – it just looks really dated.

So, what other options are out there?

My favourite option is the much more modern, Affectionate – this even comes packed with an “alternates” option (great if you want to change the look of certain letters to stop it looking too samey-same) and some flourishes – which are FINE when used APPROPRIATELY  on the web.

1. Preview Image

Get Affectionate Here


2. Jenna Sue


Again, around the 2011/2012 time, this font was knocking around a bit, and even now it’s quite popular. But the problem with these free script fonts is that they are just “ok”. I hate it because it doesn’t say anything about your brand apart from “I want to look like 6 other bloggers and brands I’ve already seen today”. Stop cheapening yourself with that shiit!

So, what other options are out there?

If you want to give some weight (literally) to your font, but still keep a quirk and a hand drawn vibe, I like Edeline.  It’s cute, but it can stand up by itself. It gives enough flavour to only need a nice, clean sans-serif font to support it.

1. Preview Image

Get Edeline Here


3. Lobster


Fans of my old blog, jane&Philbert, will know that I. HATE. THIS. FONT. I wish it to be burned. Again, a HUGE player back in the early 2010s, but now reeks of “OH MY! I’VE JUST DISCOVERED FONTS!” (We’ve all been there, am I right?!) It has been pretty prevalent for the last few years, and the trend of it TOTALLY nosedived, a bit like JNCO jeans after the 90s ended (I was obsessed with these, even though you could never get them in the UK).

If you are still using this, then I urge you to stop. You want your brand to look unique to you, and Lobster is cheating on you ALL OVER TOWN.

That was a weird sentence to write…

So what other options are out there?

Let’s keep it retro-esque, but give you some more roundness, some more sleekness. And for this, I introduce Thander. Isn’t that better already?


Get Thander Here


4. Pacifico


Another of my classic rants is about this font. Another of those freebie fonts that seemed so good, until you take a look around and realise that every other pastel-coloured, polka dot-styled  girlie blog was using it. Suddenly, it becomes utterly boring because let’s face it, we aren’t trying to create brands that FIT IN, am I right? What would be the point of that?

So what other options are out there?

Again, I’m going to lean on that retro style, but instead of the big, fat, weighty lines of Pacifico, I’m plumping for smooth, round, lighter curves of Fabulous. It’s the modern-retro twist that is just the look so many brands aim for with Pacifico, yet hardly any of them achieve.


Get Fabulous Here


5. Mistral


Do you ever get local newsletters through your door? With business adverts on them? Using this font? Normally, we’re talking carpenters and tradesmen, sorry to tar you all with the same, horrific brush font, but COME THE FUCK ON. Its 2016, not 1995! If you, or anyone you know is using this font, you are damaging your brand. Quality is as quality LOOKS (when it comes to first impressions). Don’t believe me? How many blogs, websites, magazines or adverts have YOU put to one side because the design was a complete bag of shit? Yeah, see? THIS SHIT MATTERS. 

So what other options are out there?

A relative newbie to the script font scene, but a VERY chic alternative, Mostter. This demands the right kind of brand attention (y’know, the kind that goes, “oooh, I love your brand” rather than, “Darling, can you take that free newspaper out to the recycling?”).

1. Preview Image

Get Mostter Here


And there we have it, five script fonts fixed for you. You are welcome.

While you’re at it, if you think of any MORE fonts that need to be shot dead in their (type)faces, hit up the comments below and let me know.

PS. If you’re ready to start your foray into blogging and building your own site, check out my handy, step-by-step guide to getting your hosting and domain name AND installing WordPress in 10 minutes