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Have you heard the one about the about page?

No, it doesn’t walk into a bar with an Englishman and a Irish man.

I’m talking about the one where everyone says your about page is the second most read page on your site (and thus the second most important page on your site)

bullshit, secrets and the about pageDo you want to know an about page secret?

Even though I have heard this on HUNDREDS of occasions

Even though I’ve said this to quite a few people over the years

Even though I believed it for years

It has categorically been bullshit. At least for me.

(And for a lot of my clients.)

Seriously, go and check your Google Analytics right now (not sure how? You need my crash course)

A LOT of clients have requested that their about page is one of the pages that they’d like me to look.

For over 90% of them their about page IS NOT EVEN ON THEIR TOP 10 MOST VISITED PAGES.

(I know, right?!)

Sorry guys. The about page? NOT SO FUCKING IMPORTANT.

Yeah, people want to know about you.

But you know what people want to know more?

They want to know that you support them, that your work is incredible, that you are FOR them.

So enough already with the About Page Whispering. I’m not saying it’s not important, but it’s AS IMPORTANT AS ANYTHING ELSE  on your site.

EVERY page needs to talk about who you are. EVERY page needs to welcome exactly the right people into your tribe.

You will hear THOUSANDS of things online about the “right” way to do things or how something can help your website by increasing conversions x% –  but a lot of stuff is either HORRIBLY GENERIC and watered down, or specific to ONE person’s or business’ reality. Not yours.

Yes, write a shit hot about page, just don’t put it on the “about page pedestal” because it might not be the thing people are actually looking at.

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