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Back at the end of last year, I totally, completely stopped.

Stopped working, stopped pushing, stopped trying to be all the things that I have told myself over the years would make me “happy” – namely successful, wealthy, powerful, loved. Mostly, these were largely indefinable goals, as I know many would have thought I was “there” already.

I didn’t feel it.

A few of you might know that I quit the web design and development because I was straight up killing myself with the work I was taking on, and I simply needed a break. 100 hour weeks plus child (not at school, I hasten to add) was not sensible.

So, I explored a completely new avenue of Not Fucking Trying To Make Money and prioritising Things That Are Fun And Easy. How bloody novel!

I learned a few things in the five or so months of taking time out:

1. Holy mother of all things bellendrical, did I need that break!
2. Actually spending time with people AND by myself in a non-work way is ENJOYABLE. WHO KNEW?!
3. Not feeding the creative Gemma-Monster = SADANGRY GEMMA-MONSTER (yes, sadangry is a new word. CREATIVE, SEE?!)

And weirdly, 4. I missed talking website.


Not designing and building websites, but talking about them, making them work, thinking about ways to make them better, HELPING people get their blogs and sites up and running.

I missed that feeling when someone said, “Holy crap! That was so useful! Thank you”

And, from out of nowhere, I had literally written one years’ worth of blog post titles. Seriously, like a tap. Even now I can’t switch it off – I have scraps of paper with ideas all over it, all scribbled in the first pen (ok, crayon…) I could get my hands on.


So, I’m letting all the people know that I’m back to run the show. A bit like Mark Morrison. But also not.

My plan is PRIMARILY to help out people struggling with the daily joys of DIYing their site or blog. I’m also offering people the chance to work with me to actually build some strategy INTO their sites (not to do it for them, just to advise and report). I’m planning on opening up the blog to build a database of amazing-as-fuck designers, developers, techie-help-friends and bring some CLARITY to WHAT WORKS on websites (and what REEALLY doesn’t)

A few years ago, I had a goal to help 10,000 people feel confident running and managing their sites. NOW, without being the person building the sites, I actually have the freedom and drive to ACHIEVE this.

So, here’s to the start of something new and exciting. Join me?