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About Gemma

Hey hey, you beautiful slice of gorgeousness. I’m Gemma – but before I introduce myself properly, I’d like to say this:


Yes, YOU. Likelihood is you’ve come here to try and improve something about your design skills, your website, your blog or your brand. I’m betting that there have been times when having your own blog or website feels like a complete uphill struggle. Plugins going mental, Photoshop turning your masterpiece into a monster turd, weird error messages that really make you want to make a foot-shaped hole in your laptop and launch the stupid, shitty thing off the nearest cliff.

Oh yes. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, wore a hole in that t-shirt and bought another one infinity times. Basically, I own shares in Been There Done That Inc.

But while there are times your site (or even the thought of starting your site) might drive you to despair/the brink/the drink* (*delete as applicable), you’ve still got the fire inside of you to get it doing what you want it to and looking how you want and get it in front of the right kind of people who really, totally get you.

So, you see? You rock. That’s an impressive achievement, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie. Having that fire – even if it’s a teeeensy little ember – burning away inside of you speaks volumes, and what it says is, “YOU CAN DO THIS”.

Even when you’ve spent approximately 10,000 hours desperately trying to get that perfect motherhumpin’ font


Even when Photoshop eats your work that you didn’t save


Even when your two-year old mashes banana into your keyboard, obliterating both your keyboard AND the epic blog post you were working on while you nip to the loo.


And I, Gemma, am here to help you.

Think of me as your right-hand woman from everything brand to website.

I’ve been in the web design and web development field for thirteen years. (I KNOW, basically I’m an INTERNET FOGEY.) I’ve worked for agencies and in-house. Some jobs have sucked, some haven’t (I won’t name any names here, bit unfair…), and between 2010 and 2015, I ran my own freelance web design business which I closed in December 2015 for a couple of reasons; namely, spreading myself too thin and I needed a break

During my offline recess I started something new and wildly different

I opened a YouTube channel and a blog called Mission Me Time which I started in August 2015, but after six months, I started to miss working with seedling business on their brands and sites – not building and developing sites and blogs like before, but actually consulting with them on how to build themselves visually and technically so they could either take the advice and run or find the right webby person to work with them

And that’s where I am today; sharing with you the tips, tricks and hacks I know and love to build a website which is so you, even your MUM would be convinced it WAS you.

Ready to go? These are some great starters-for-ten:

I don’t work one-on-one with clients anymore, but you can always…

I also love to hear from you, so don’t be shy, get in touch.

Love you, rockstar,

Gemma x