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On horseshit websites and coming out of retirement

Right, that’s it guys. With approximately 87.8%* of the links I click on, I’m seeing sites that fall into one of the following categories: 1. Horseshit websites created by people that have been PAID TO MAKE IT LOOK GOOD. 2. Websites that look like an amateur patchwork…read more

Bullshit, secrets and the about page

Have you heard the one about the about page? No, it doesn’t walk into a bar with an Englishman and a Irish man. I’m talking about the one where everyone says your about page is the second most read page on your site (and thus the second…read more

The truth about Online Confidence

We’ve seen those people. Ugh. They just HAVE. IT. ALL don’t they? Beautiful websites, hot AF pictures. Copy to DIE for. Hell, look at what they CHARGE. I could buy the east wing of Buckingham Palace for that money. Online confidence. Ahh, to have a slice of…read more

Got the six-month website itch?

I’m going to walk you through the process that happens when most business owners decide they want a new website: They look at their site with that pained-expression emoji and say to themselves (or out loud), “ugh, it just doesn’t worrrrk. I don’t know why, but I…read more

Keep the laser (website) focus

A couple of weeks ago, I sent out an email inviting my community to send me a link to one of their website pages and tell me what the focus of that page was (or what they wished it would help them achieve – y’know, more sales, more sign…read more

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